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123-reg is the largest domain provider in the UK with over 3 million domain names registered and hosting over 1.7 million websites.

Whatever your business you can get it online with 123-reg. They provide a winning combination of very high quality, technically advanced yet cost-effective online products such as domain name registration, website hosting, and business email hosting to help any business begin their online journey. Smart, effective and user-friendly online apps are the key enabling everyone, whatever skill level, to unlock the full power of the web.

Most web hosting services in the market these days often dazzle customers with their wide range of features, innovative technology and what-not. However, very few can offer what most people look for in a web hosting company – all the right tools and support bundled into one simple package. This is what 123 Reg is able to deliver to its customers with its web hosting plans.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based hosting has inched its way to becoming a standard regarding web hosting. With the ability to access and upload files remotely, it makes it easier for customers to update their website’s information making it a critical part of any web hosting service.

123 Reg offers fast and reliable cloud-based hosting that ensures your website site stays up and running 24/7. Its speed provides quick loading of all website information thanks to its secure data center that runs on a 10GB/s network connection. Its massive storage, on the other hand, gives you the space to set up shop while also providing you with the option to get more in case you plan to upgrade to a bigger web space.

123 Reg’s cloud-based hosting lets you access your website anywhere and anytime. It delivers fast loading speed with its 10GB/s network connection while also providing you with a vast storage space that gives you the flexibility to upgrade should the need arise.

Security Features

The online vulnerability is one of the many issues that plague website owners. It’s for this reason that web hosting security features has become one of the many things customers look for when they avail of a web hosting plan.

Regarding security, 123 Reg offers a variety of features that can help protect your website. The company provides the ability to block IP addresses and blacklist them to keep them from accessing your website. There's also a built-in anti-virus for your email to ensure new emails coming in are free from viruses.

123 Reg also offers a program called Site Scanner which checks your website for any malware infection or any vulnerability that can be used to exploit your site. Site Scanner can even monitor your domain reputation, especially when it comes to spam-blocking list.

123 Reg's security features help ensure that your website is safe from any malware or other online attacks. With a wide array of security tools at your disposal, you're assured of being covered from all fronts.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Web hosting companies tend to limit the bandwidth of your website depending on the plan you avail. This doesn’t happen with 123 Reg.

123 Reg offers unlimited bandwidth across all of its hosting packages from its essentials Plan all the way to its Premium Plan. This ensures that all information is transferred to your website quickly, improving your 123’s customer experience and reducing any delay in loading time.

The best part here is that no matter how large your website gets, you won’t have to pay any extra amount just for additional bandwidth.

With unlimited bandwidth offered in all web hosting packages, 123 Reg ensures your website efficiency by having data transfer to your site done in a quick and secure manner minus the added cost.

One-Click WordPress and App Hosting

WordPress has become a popular choice among website owners - particularly bloggers - thanks to its clean and user-friendly interface. However, setting it up with your web host can be quite difficult especially for those who aren't proficient with this task.

123 Reg eliminates this hassle through its One-Click WordPress hosting feature available in their Business and Unlimited package. Compatible with both Linux and Windows, this function lets you install WordPress with just a click of a button allowing you to start using your blog or website at once.

Other apps that can also be integrated in this manner include bbPress Forum, Form to Email, RoundCube Webmail, Umbraco 4.7 CMS, MetaCart Shopping Cart. For a full list of apps, check their list here: FREE software for your website with no coding necessary

123 Reg makes it easy for users to integrate WordPress and other compatible applications into their web hosting system. The One-Click feature ensures that customers won't have to deal with any complicated set-up process.

U.K. Based Support

These days, companies tend to have their customer support team outsourced overseas. This leads to communication problems which make it harder for customers to get the assistance they need.

123 Reg eliminates this issue by having a team of U.K-based personnel capable of providing customer support by phone, a live chat that's available Mondays to Fridays from 9am-7pm or by email. Whether it’s a simple inquiry or a complex issue that requires a little troubleshooting, you’re assured of getting the timely assistance you need to fix whatever web hosting issue you’re dealing with.

123 Reg provides 24/7 customer support by phone, chat or email to address all your concerns no matter how big or small they may be. With its entire support team based in the U.K., you get quality customer service whenever you call.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth. Whether you’re getting the basic Essential plan or the high-end Premium plan, you’re guaranteed unlimited bandwidth all throughout your stay with 123 Reg.
  • High Usability. With its combination of lightning quick loading time and an endless supply of bandwidth, you’re customers won’t have any problems accessing and using your website.
  • A Database For Each Plan. 123 Reg ensures that all their plans have their own database giving you the ability to install and operate software like WordPress or other e-commerce and content apps.
  • Limited Email Accounts. While every plan of 123 Reg gives clients a number of mail boxes, only its Unlimited and Premium plans offer unlimited accounts. For those availing of the Essential and Business plans, you won’t get that much compared to other web hosting companies.
  • Small Storage Space. The initial web space allotted by 123 Reg for you is quite small compared to its competitors. The Essential plan offers only 10GB of web space while the Business and Premium plans only provide 100GB. Only its Unlimited plan provides unlimited space to use.


  • U.K-Based Customer Support. 123 Reg’s customer support team is based in the United Kingdom so if you’re residing there, help is just a stone’s throw away. This eliminates any communication problem that you normally encounter when a support team is based overseas.
  • U.K-Based Customer Support. While having its support team in the United Kingdom is an advantage, it also works against 123 Reg especially if their clients go abroad. While it’s still possible to call them, calling long distance just to get technical advice will end up costing them more.
  • Live Chat Isn’t Available 24 Hours. 123 Reg only has a set schedule for its Live Chat feature. Unlike other live chats that are available 24 hours a day, their live chat feature is only available from Mondays to Fridays, 9:00am to 7:00pm, London time.


  • Flexible plans
  • Can be purchased monthly
  • Short Money Back Guarantee. Unlike other web hosting services, 123 Reg provides a small window of opportunity to rescind on your contract with them. Should you decide to terminate your plan, you need to do it within 15 days to get your money back.

Inside 123 Reg’s Control Panel

123 Reg's control Panel gives you a variety of features to help you manage your website effectively. Tools include domain management, e-commerce, marketing and security. While the panel provides essential tools to get you going, it also offers other useful features which you can purchase.

One of the basic tools of the control panel is the File Manager tool. The File Manager tool allows you to edit your HTML files manually. This comes in handy if you need to make some quick changes to your pages on the fly or if you don't have any web creation software at your disposal.

Another feature offered by 123 Reg's control panel is website templates. While most of the templates are basic in design, if you aren't up to creating your layout, these templates will work for you. These templates can be downloaded and then uploaded via FTP once you've edited them. They can also be modified using the File Manager tool.

Even though the control panel offers manual editing and pre-formatted templates, one of its drawbacks is the lack of web hosting tools made available on the panel. Another concern was the need to use the Manage button to access all the control panel's tools. If you're a new here and you're not aware of this, you'll feel that the panel doesn't have any tools for you to use.

Upgraded plans like 123 Reg's Business plan offers additional tools including AWStats, a website statistic tool, a control panel for MySQL Database, a command-line tool, JavaScript generator, HTML and Perl validator and an image library.

123 Reg's control panel also offers another tool called Instant Site tool. The Instant Site tool that gives you hundreds of website templates based on the type of site you want to create. Templates include a photo gallery template, store catalog template and blog just to name a few. Instant Site also gives you the ability to add widgets and forms to your website. The tools also offer two kinds of upgrades – there’s Instant Site Plus priced at £2.99 per month which gives you a set of 10 templates and Instant Site Pro which offers 500 pages at £4.99 per month.

One final tool which you can integrate with 123 Reg’s control panel is the Website Builder. While it’s not a web hosting tool, it does provide you with the means create websites more efficiently with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. You also get to incorporate social media links, buttons, Google Maps and shopping carts to your site with this tool. Price for the Website Builder tool starts at £3.99 monthly.

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Blocked our hosting for no reason and asking money to restore it
  · 5 months ago.
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    User Friendly
Blocked our hosting for no reason and asking money to restore it

Had a really bad experience with 123 reg. They deleted all our files from our hosting package. When we asked to restore our files, we were told that there has been some malicious content added to our hosting file manager, we told them that we havent even logged into our hosting account from last few weeks, and account must have been hacked. On Friday 24 Feb 2017 we were told that if we pay them £100, then they can scan our data and restore the service. This is on top our our yearly hosting charge.
Basicly they are targeting smaller customers like us, they suspended our website and hosting, then demanded £100 to restore it. Its no different than hacking someones account and then asking money to restore it.
Malicious business practice.
no support at all. poor customer service, slow website, always demand money to restore the service if there is a problem
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Think before you sign!
  · 9 months ago.
  • 1/10
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    User Friendly
I moved my web hosting purely due to price from a very good small company. I had used 123.com for my domains and was satisfied with this, however after being advised by a member of the sales team that they could take over my web hosting and e mail I agreed to go ahead. Over the following three weeks things went from bad to worse, I had problems accessing my account, getting in touch with their technical team was virtually impossible, you have to hold on the line for far too long, that is if you get an answer at all. I have now asked for a refund and am taking my business else where.

One of the sales team did their best to help whilst one of the tech team was telling me that I had to change my business e mail address to be able to continue with them.
Domain name purchase is easy and a good price.
Getting your call answered.
Bee Outdoors.co.uk
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Please read this before you use 123 reg
  · 1 years ago.
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  • 1/10
    User Friendly
I signed up with 123 reg shared hosting around three months ago and I would like to share my objective experience of the company.
I am a freelance web designer and I hosted my own business site and 8 of my portfolio sites with this company. The sales team, as you would expect, are very friendly and helpful but i'm afraid the good standard of service stops at the point of sale. A constant problem for me was slow website loading times - sometimes my sites would take in excess of 20 seconds to load and often they wouldn't load at all (my websites use all of the recognized optimization techniques).
The customer support is nothing short of appalling; very few of the customer support team have much technical knowledge, I was blatantly given the wrong information three times (costing me time and money) - yet oddly I seemed to get an arrogant, cocky and condescending attitude from them. I called around ten times during my time with 123 reg and I spoke to one good advisor. When I used their live chat facility I had to wait nearly ten minutes for each message to be answered in the conversation. Support tickets take up to four days to be answered and even then I just got basic responses as they just don’t understand/appreciate the question.
They offer 30 day free trial of a so called SEO optimization package. I thought I would sign up as nothing to lose and always after good advice. The initial scan of my website claimed I had no contact form. This claim came as surprise to myself (the web programmer) and the potential clients that use it! According to the scan my so called SEO score was very low. I know this is not a true representation as I have good knowledge of SEO techniques and factors that are likely to influence organic SEO performance in the major search engines. I find it likely that this scan deliberately doesn't give a good indication of your sites potential SEO performance as 123 reg want you to subscribe to their 'optimization package'.. A scan of your website can only give you half a picture anyway - real SEO is about long term strategy and I'm afraid the major search engines are constantly changing their parameters.
I finally moved my sites over to a hosting package with another company (a similar price and also shared servers) and my websites perform really well. I had a problem with this hosting company at first but they were on the ball and quick to put it right. Unfortunately, things do go wrong in this world. No system, especially an IT system, is infallible. It's how things are put right that counts - this is true measure of a company's performance.
The last three months has been a sharp learning curve for me. Please consider your options carefully when choosing a hosting company - especially if you are hosting business websites. Ask and look for actual objective performance data before you sign up - I'm afraid a few reviews saying "great service" and “reliable” really doesn’t cut it.
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