How to Choose the Best CDN Provider (Complete Guide)

On a hunt to find the best CDN services? Well, it might sound easy but is, in fact, a difficult job. Taking into account all the fact related to CDN services, this comprehensive article will cover all the aspects of the topic under discussion.

So, we have made sure to provide you with a complete guidance and solve all your issues and confusions related to this search. It will put light on all the aspects including a brief introduction to CDN and all the queries which might probably arise in your mind.

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17 Ways to Optimize Your Hosting Space

A problem that many web developers face is that they are running out of disk space that has been provided by their host. The thing is that we often get attracted by the “unlimited web hosting” that is being provided to us, while we don’t see the small GBs being provided to us. We see the web disk quota grow smaller by the second while the space that is being used increase rapidly until it reaches that God awful 100%.

However, don’t go along buying yourself an upgrade as there are many different ways in which you can optimize your hosting space. The following list should be quite helpful in creating space on your web host for your website as it contains 17 different ways that you can do so:

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33 Practical Tips on How to Speed Up and Optimize Your Website

Important notice: this article will be updated with image and video guides on the tips, so come back again soon!

Did you know that if there is a 1 second delay in the loading time taken to your page, this can yield 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and a 7% loss in conversions? This may seem like a short loss for you, but trust me when I say that it can have very damaging effects on your website and how it is run.

Today's modern era is a world of technological advancements and with people growing more impatient by the day, you don't want to find out that delays in your webpage's speed created detrimental effects for your website's and company's rating. This is why I have come up with the top 33 tips that can help improve your website’s speed:

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All about Domain Name Server (DNS)

Introduction to Internet Protocols

One of the most used internet protocols is the Domain Name Servers known also as DNS. An internet protocol is represented by the computer networking model and usually is a communication protocol used on the web worldwide. Known also as TCP/IP protocols because TCP is related to Transmission Control Protocol and IP to Internet Protocol. These two protocols were also the first protocols created.

Both Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol offer data communication showing how data should be transmitted, addressed, routed, packetized and received. The TCP and the IP model together with other protocols are maintained by Internet Engineering Task Force knew also as IETF. 8 steps on how to move your website to a new web hosting provider.

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Why you should switch to PHP 7 today

How PHP 7 affects websites?

Depending on what you use on your site, either a custom content management system, a hard coded website in PHP or one of the popular CMS available on the internet such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento and so on, PHP 7 can affect your website from various points. And one of the most important ones - your site will be twice as fast. If you want to more know how your site speed affects your business, check our infographic here.

Summary, PHP 7 will affect websites because it is a standalone multi-threading web server, asynchronous programming language and it has abstract syntax tree and huge performance improvements.

Why you should switch to PHP 7 today - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes
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